Andhra Pradesh, renowned for dried chillies, accounts for two-third production of chillies in India. Sri Vedanta Exports established in Guntur, catered to domestic market for five years. Strategically located in the city of chilly hub, we have grown on the base of bonding with farmers and business relations. Our procurement and processing system is earnest about quality of product, thereby abiding association with customers. After building reputation in domestic supply, we are on the verge of reaching out to international buyers. Our mission is to strive for excellence. Our current supply capacity is up to 300 tons per month.

Core team members

Santhosh Kumar Kaza:

After completion of Masters’ degree in Public health in 2012, he decided to pursue his childhood ambition of being an entrepreneur. Hailing from Guntur, famous for dried red chilies, he was inspired by an article on the international demand for dried red chilies. he toiled along with farmers to learn the nuances of dried chili varieties and realized the value for the product in global market. He is certified in Import and Export Management from Indian Institute Foreign Trade.


Srinivasulu, best pal of Santhosh, partnered him in starting business venture. He possesses a diploma in pharmacy. He is responsible for procurement and processing divisions. His knowledge about the varieties of chilli and handling methods to ensure long shelf-life play a part in the success of this firm.